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Friday, July 28, 2017


It was tough, but we made it, the weekend is nigh, and Friday, glorious Friday has come to shower us with love, affection, and joy.  It was never a given this week that we would make it through.  It started terribly.

All research indicates it started with a Monday.  Cold, cruel, calculating, it waited in ambush five days ago.  The alarm, cursed thing, went off, and the morning proceeded without incident, until I stepped outside and there it was, Monday, leaping from behind the evergreen shrub, vicious, remorseless, and ready to battle, a fight to the end.

All day we grappled, until finally we were both exhausted, and sat, silent, spent, barely able to lift our beers.  Then, sometime between evening and morning, Monday ran off, like a thief in the night.  But, not before sending in replacements.

Looking back, it seems like it was Tuesday next.  And an awful Tuesday it was, filled with pain, and work, toil, and suffering.  Monday is like an ogre, attempting to club a person into submission.  Tuesday is like hordes of gremlins, fighting a guerrilla war against sanity, reason, and particularly happiness.  Left, right, backwards, forwards, everywhere a person turns, there is Tuesday, with another volley, an email, "I know your busy, but,..."  But what?  "But, you should drop everything you are trying to accomplish and do this for me, that would make me happy."

Another phone call, "hey, when will this be finished, it is very important," Another page over the loudspeaker, "There is a delivery, a visitor, and someone to look at the gas pipes, in the basement, behind all of the spiders webs, and under the hanging bats, they think there is a leak."  A new text message, or frantic shout from across the room.  "Hey, can you come down here and take a look at my phone?  It is unplugged, and I am too busy to fix it!"  At the end, we were both still standing, Tuesday and I, as long as there was something around to lean on and a bottle of bourbon to share.

No one around here is certain, but it might have been a Wednesday that came next.  It was such a shy little thing, with a demur, hopeful smile and kind eyes.  It patted us all on the back and brought "fun size" candy bars to pass around.  It was not a bad day, could have been better, but the bruises were starting to heal.

Bil, my co-worker, swears it was a Thursday that came next.  It was a tempest in a teapot day. There was trouble brewing, an ill wind that sputtered and died. At times things looked like they could go bad, but in the end we all lived, more or less unscathed. No damage done.

But, today is Friday, all the proof anyone needs in divine intervention.  A day that brings a close to a five day stretch of agony.