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Friday, August 11, 2017

Decisions, decisions

Recently we bought a second kayak, one for my wife. Very nice, too. It is a Field and Stream Eagle Talon. Even the name is impressive. And looks, oh man does it look good. Twelve feet of blue, white, black  camouflage beauty. Our other kayak is wonderful, but it is an Emotion Stealth, a nice kayak but the name even says nondescript, unnoticeable. It is a uniform gray front to back.

I decided that maybe the new kayak would be "my kayak,' and my wife could have the old, bland kayak. But, I made the mistake of posting pictures all over Facebook saying here is my wife's new kayak. People at work, friends, family know which one is hers.

I will become the big jerk who took the poor girl's new kayak. I don't suppose I really need that kind of image haunting me. I have read that bloggers have to establish their "brand." It is important to have a reputation for reliability, consistency. Imagine what that would do to my brand.

"Oh did you read the Latest at Life Explained?"

"Not after he stole that kayak, the bastard."

"Oh, that's right."

I would have the new kayak, but my brand would be tarnished beyond repair. I am too old to build a new brand. I am still trying to establish this one.

So, I will paddle on the Stealth in ignominy, unseen, bland, dull, while my wife cruises in style. All the people on the shore saying "who is that in that Eagle Talon? They must be fascinating."

Unless she decides to give me the new one. Nothing I could do about that, right?