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Sunday, September 30, 2018

The Same Old Song and Dance

It has been a troubling week. A nominee for the Supreme Court has been accused of a series of criminal acts. The accusations came from educated, successful people. People who really don’t have anything to gain. Think of Doctor Blasey Ford, she had to live through it once, then try not to think about it for years, and then she had to live through it again. This time in front of the most biased judiciary since the Revolutionary Tribunal did such an admirable job feeding the guillotine.

You could just tell the white, middle aged, and older, wealthy men had already made up their mind about Kavanaugh, had probably made up their mind the minute the President had nominated him. They would have just handed him a robe on the first day if it hadn’t looked so bad on television. Whether they believe Dr. Blasey Ford or not doesn’t matter to them. Whether they worry about Judge Kavanaugh’s complete, furious, unseemly and certainly unbecoming of a Supreme Court Justice behavior doesn’t factor in at all. They have a chance to place a conservative on the Court and they fear the window may be closing. Who knows what will happen in November. If we could animate the corpse of Pol Pot and nominate him they would rush to vote, because he did such a good job suppressing seditionists and homosexuals.

And now we play a waiting game so one senator from Arizona can assuage his guilt. One senator who made such a big stink about being taking a stand against Trump. Ah, Senator Flake, we hardly knew ye. We are now stuck, waiting for an investigation that should last several months, compressed into a week, declare the judge innocent and hand him the keys to the executive restroom and a cut and paste version of the constitution.

You can call me cynical and you can call me stupid but don’t call me and tell me a republican heavy, male dominated senate judiciary committee is going to give a fat rat’s ass what a couple of women have to say. 

So, again, I thank the fates, I am a man, middle aged, almost ready to retire, safe from the predations of our government. I have sons, so they should be safe, but, I watch the women, women who know they are becoming cannon fodder for the great, white old boy’s network. And it makes me worry. What are we teaching our daughters, what are we teaching our sons? Do we even care?

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