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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

We are here for you, when you need us most.

With the accelerating pace of technological innovation our world is constantly, and rapidly shrinking, becoming more compact, and compressed.  Journeys that used to take months now last hours, and the isolated sense of security is now a remnant of a distant memory.  We find ourselves in a time where headlines from across the world are a constant reminder our sense of insulated, secluded existence is nothing more than an illusion.  

Journeys that used to take months now are over in hours.  It has in many ways become a "global village."  We need to take that next step and become "the family of man."   We need to break down the barriers of intolerance, and dogmatic superiority, and welcome each other, with warmth, and friendship.

During my recent bout of historical inquiry I have noticed a few recurring themes, one of which is the introduction of radical variables into any unstable equation involving armed states normally leads to war, destruction, and radical change.  And this may be one of those times, it is hard to say, but who wants to roll those dice?

What the world needs is someone who is willing to take the lead, be the bigger man, and begin the long, painful, trying process of world unification.  Someone who only wants to help, and is not seeking grandeur, or fame, and is only thinking of others, someone who only wants to usher in a new era of understanding and mutual prosperity.

Fortunately, I am willing to volunteer.  The first step needs to be some sort of token, mutual sacrifice.  With that in mind, everybody in the world should send me one dollar, or drachma, or ruble, or euro, or whatever.  If you can't afford to send a whole (insert monetary unit of choice) then a small portion will be suitable.  It is the shared sense of giving, of working toward a common cause that is important, even vital to our continued existence.

I will use this money for the "Life Explained Worldwide Harmonious Understanding and Peace Initiative," and maybe dinner and a few drinks, this is difficult, thirsty work after all.  But, taking the long view it is imperative we learn to work together, there is too much at stake.

So, please, give generously to this noble cause, you will feel better about yourself.

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