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Sunday, October 26, 2014

Tea vs Coffee, It Is Time To Choose!

At the risk of straining the relations of two countries whose history are so closely associated, two countries whose history is a rich tapestry of cooperation and friendship, a blissful stroll through the making of the modern world (I am ignoring the whole revolutionary bit, because it doesn't support my opening sentence) we are going to answer the question that has been torturing modern society. Which is better, coffee or tea?  The world will finally have an answer, maybe, the world will finally know peace, possibly.

Since this is only the latest in a long series of confrontations between Mr. Raven, at The Blog of Thog, and us, here at Life Explained, (all of which have been great fun, and provided valuable knowledge to a world filled with useless information, for proof of that you only need to watch this touching, thoughtful explanation of the delicate subtleties of football, as played around the world), Mike thought, in a startling flash of brilliance, that we should invite dissenting, or supporting decisions from around the world.

You can start by voting here.  then write a blog post, record a pod cast, tweet, produce a video, or send an email to everybody, everywhere, telling them about the debate, and your choice, stand on the top of a mountain and scream your love for your hot drink of choice, which doesn't technically have to be coffee, or tea, please use the hash tag #HOTDRINKDAY or have the person video taping you screaming your choice from the top of the mountain use the hast tag #HOTDRINKDAY, and link all of your hard work to these blogs.  Which go live next Sunday, November 2nd, 2014 at 3:00 PM in Hull, or 11:00 AM in Ohio.   That way Mike can more easily track coffees resounding triumph and treat the drink with the proper respect.

One vote for coffee.
Remember, it is your civic duty to vote, and post and film, comment, and involve family and friends, coworkers, distant, barely known associates, so everybody's choice is known, it is an awesome responsibility, a terrible burden, a horrendous, crushing weight we all need to bear to keep society safe, and we are counting on you.

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