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Friday, October 24, 2014

The Life Explained Yacht Club.

It was dreary, and grey, and pretty miserable.  Even the rain did not want to be there, it fell from sky, and most of it managed to get away before landing in the middle such a bleak afternoon.  Of course, that left enough to cause an uncomfortable, damp, depressing experience for anyone unfortunate enough to be stuck in outside.

We were incredibly busy, overwhelmingly so, the work just came in unimpeded, wave after wave, requests, demands, needy, whining and more than a little irritating.  Bil and I were discussing various opportunities to increase our enjoyment of life.  Different ways to make a little coin, have a little fun, and live life to the fullest, cold drink in hand, feet up on the table, sunglasses, wide brimmed hats, and most important, comfortable shoes. Remember, we think shoes are important.

We decided the best way to handle this was to start a Yacht Club.  Since I am not fond of boats, or being on the water, or flying over the water, or really, flying at all, and you know, I am not too fond of spiders, bats, snakes, venomous... Oops, where was I?

Oh yeah, our yacht club.  It is going to be very exclusive, we have already turned down two people, they just weren't of the right character, or income level, and certainly not suitable for such an exclusive club.  You have to be careful about the type of people you let in to a club like this, (sorry, Mom).

This old, rundown building is the perfect disguise.
It is kind of humble right now, but we have added a few flourishes, and think it is coming along quite nicely.  If you are interested in joining, please let us know, at  But, don't get your hopes up.

Remember our motto "The Life Explained Yacht Club, not much of a sailor, but one ace of a drinker.

Of course, secrecy is important, so please don't tell anyone. And if you do tell them they aren't qualified, we have our standards after all.

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