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Thursday, May 26, 2016

Life Explained, The People

We, here at the Life Explained Family of Companies, like to think of ourselves as fairly moderate, reasonable people. A group of people who care about the worlds problems, and the welfare of humanity. On the whole we are kind, considerate decent human beings with a lot to offer.

Of course there are exceptions, like that jerk, Robby from Research and Development who always drinks the last cup of coffee, but is too busy to make another pot. A pox on that worthless coffee drinking, leaving the pot empty piece of filth, I hope he loses his hair.

Oh, and I heard that Phyllis and Rolando from Transportation are having a fling, not a romantic relationship, but actually tossing bits of their lunch at each other. Sandwich crusts, yogurt cups, ice from finished drinks, all hurled over the cubicle walls. What a couple of morons, they deserve each other, and a sinus infection.

Don't forget Delores from accounting, and Becky from HR, a two headed, our armed modern day Medusa. If you never have to deal with either of them it doesn't matter, they will seek you out, and try to suck the will to live out of you with an approach of maximum irritation, and unimaginable venom and loathing. I would wish something bad on them, but they terrify me, and everybody else.

And those guys from the laboratory are nothing but a bunch of thin skinned little...

Well, maybe we aren't all such decent people, but hey, I'm a nice guy. If only there were more of me this would be a lot better place.

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