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Friday, April 26, 2013

Finally some good news.

Today, I took the plunge and bought the new Del Lords album, "Elvis Club."  Sometime in the late 1980's I bought "Johnny Comes Marching Home."  A powerful collection of hopeful despair, and joyful bitterness, for my confused state, and aimless existence at the time it was tonic for a troubled soul.  One song would leave you believing there were better days ahead, and the next would lead you into a dark night of dying love and depression.  And I was hooked.

It was terrible news when they broke up.  It really made me sad.  But, then I read they were re-uniting, and I started following them, on Facebook, it was like finding a lost friend, and I have to say, they were very engaging, and forthcoming on their wall, conversing with fans, and updating progress.  It was so refreshing.

Then the album was released, and I was hesitant to make the purchase.  What if it wasn't a good as hoped, what if age had mellowed the band.  I listened several times, and it was great.

So, today I bought the album.  And it is fantastic.  It was a long time coming, and it will be on all the way home from work tonight.  And I will "play it loud enough to hear it for miles and miles."

Thank you, Del Lords, you guys really rock!  If you decide to release another album that might not be a bad idea.