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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

More Problems with Immigration.

As the Houses of Congress come dangerously close to passing Immigration Reform Legislation (that's right, close to passing legislation, you heard it here first folks, they might actually accomplish the passing of a piece of legislation, though Vegas has the odds at 8 to 1 against, and Vegas knows a little about making odds), it would be wise to remember not all immigrants are here for wholesome purposes.  Look no further than the evidence below.

Hey, Buddy, how about a little snack.

Great Gray Owls are sneaking across the borders into Minnesota and stealing American mice!  It is widely known that Canadian mice are not as tasty, and Minnesota produces some of the finest mice stock in the world, but, dangit they are our mice.

Call your elected representative today, and put an end to the madness, it is time for Congress to go back to the petty bickering and pointless squabbling and name calling Americans have come to expect and admire.

This post brought to you by The Minnesota Mouse Association.