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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

And you thought you had problems.

On average, a person spends almost 47 minutes and 19 seconds (2.43 decaseconds, for those of you more comfortable using metric measurements), which is fine, because for the most part life is kind of rough, and we are only frail, mortal humans.  But, we should all spend a few minutes feeling sorry for this guy.  He had a pencil stuck in his head.  A Pencil Stuck in his Head!  Wow, that is some bad luck, huh.  If any of you have ever had a writing utensil stuck in your head, please share the story with us, here at Life Explained, we will feel sorry for you as well, and we won't laugh, we promise.

Pencil extracted from Afghan man's head

German doctors say an Afghan man who for years suffered from headaches, a runny nose and eyesight problems was found to have a 10-centimetre (four-inch) pencil lodged in his head.
German operating theatre - file pic
A scan revealed the pencil's location so that doctors could operate
Surgeons at Aachen University Hospital removed the pencil and the 24-year-old is reported to be recovering.
The pencil had injured the man's sinuses and right eye socket.
When asked how the pencil had got there he recalled that as a boy he had once fallen and had a serious nosebleed.
The case was presented at a medical conference in Essen on Tuesday by Prof Frank Hoelzle of Aachen University.
The pencil was found only after a detailed medical examination using computer tomography - an image scanning technique, German media