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Friday, June 7, 2013

Surprising Sensory Environments, by the hour.

According to the Miami Herald a wealthy socialite was attacked and beaten by a gang of hookers in an upscale South Beach hotel, a hotel whose website claims "escape to where iconic design and contemporary luxury set the stage for exclusive and extraordinary experiences."  And offers a "retreat to surprising sensory environments where amplified entertainment, vibrant lounges, modern guestrooms and innovative cocktails and cuisine create more than just a hotel experience but a lifetime luxury destination."

Of course, the Herald goes on to report that the socialite, who was allegedly mistaken by the prostitutes as one of the practitioners of their own profession, was pummeled and thrown face first against a stone wall as hotel employees watched.

The husband, a few feet ahead of his wife, was forced to come to her rescue using the crutches he needs to walk.  Thank goodness he had the foresight to be injured.

Later in the article we learn that the '"prostitute friendly' hotel put the call girls in a taxi to help them escape before the police arrived."

A hotel spokesperson declined to comment on whether "prostitute friendly" would qualify as "amplified entertainment" or part of the "surprising sensory environment."  And, at last check Trip Adviser was undecided about adding a new category to it's popular hotel rating system.