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Friday, June 7, 2013

National Donut Day.

Great News Everybody, it is National Donut Day!
I know this to be true, because this morning I stopped at Dunkin Donuts to get a cup of coffee, and they gave me a free donut.  Of course, there were requirements I had to buy a cup of coffee.  But, that was the plan anyway.  Anybody who knows me could tell you, I love free stuff, and I love donuts, so imagine my ecstasy at a free donut.

Of course, I played it cool.  When I saw the sign I acted like it was no big deal.  Nonchalant, casual, unconcerned, on the outside I was relaxed, almost lethargic.  On the inside I was in hyper-drive my mind quickly starting crunching the numbers.   Inside somersaults, outside, maybe I will take a free donut, maybe I won’t.

“Let’s see,” I thought, “ a small coffee is 10 ounces and cost $1.40, that means a 14₵ and ounce, and a large is 20 ounces and costs $1.90 so that means 9.5₵ an ounce now we factor in an 89₵ delicious, made in heaven donut, and that changes the equation, first, we add the cost to the per ounce cost, no wait, we will need to add it to the total cost, hold on, it needs to be added to the unit price after deducting the cost of…”

By now the counter person was getting a little irritated.  “Are you all right, sir?  Can, I help you, sir?  Are you sure you are all right, sir?”  I panicked.  “Give me a large coffee and a free donut, please.”

I don’t even remember what kind I got, but it was delicious.  So, rush out, get your free donut, (you won't regret it) and a coffee, I will wait here.