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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Danger is everywhere.

One of the overriding responsibilities of Life Explained is safe guarding the planet and it's inhabitants.  When a threat appears we feel you, our loyal readers, should know about it right away.  

While researching the yin yang eggs we had to brave the wilds of Academy Park in the Northern Province of Gahanna, in the territory of Columbus, in the State of Ohio, (home to several Asian restaurants, and carry outs, not the park, but Gahanna) we came across this pack of wild dogs.  It was very tense, and frightening, beyond belief.  Fortunately, we were on kick scooters, and we scooted like demons out of there.   

If you run across these wild dogs, and you are not on kick scooters, please, throw out some pig's ears, or Dingo brand snacks, they love those.