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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Finally a little outside attention.

Big news, we here at life explained have picked up our first commercial sponsor.  Or it might just be some sort of spammer, we are not sure.  But, we want to thank Albina N Mura of State Finance for so generously posting a link to some sort of commercial lending institution in her comment on the "Finally, a Breakthrough in Campaign Finance Reform."

I am not sure it is the best place to get a loan, or if they actually give loans at all, but, there is a link attached, so thoughtfully, by Ms. Mura, who is either a wonderful, generous benefactor, or an underhanded criminal bent on bilking you of your life savings.

We certainly are not going to click on the link to see.  But, if you are brave enough, and decide to borrow a little from Ms. Mura's company, please specify you would like a portion of your interest payment to go to "The Life Explained Group o' Fine Charities, a Good Place to Send Some Money."

Either way, it is exciting to think we have become important enough to draw the attention of successful companies, or filthy criminals, it means we are on the right track.  This is almost as exciting as when we thought we were under attack from the Chinese Cyber Army, man that was cool, until the intern from marketing confessed to posting a video of his Grandma's cat, eating cantaloupe, which was kind of cool, so it was hard to be too mad at him.