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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Give me a break.

An article on states that there is an item on (A quick, very quick, search of yielded no fruit, it might be there but we have no proof, but what the heck, there is some great stuff there, so look away) which states that scientists from Kazakhstan believe that humans were designed by an alien race.  Specifically, they reference human DNA as containing a "biological SETI."

According to the article DNA is constructed in such a way that it looks like a "set of numerical and ideographic standards of a symbolic language."  In short, they feel, humans were created outside our solar system several billion years ago.

Obviously, this would have had to be a very advanced race, with abilities we could never hope to understand.  Designing a race of beings and spreading the seeds across the vastness of time and space is quite an accomplishment, and it would require knowledge and wisdom beyond our imagination.

Of course, since I was just at the dentist yesterday, I have my doubts.  They can encode DNA and send life across the heavens, but they couldn't come up with something better than teeth?!!??   Any decent endurance engineer could have come up with a much better solution.  So, Kazakhstan scientist, it is time you found another theory, this one has just been squashed.