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Monday, June 10, 2013

Another plan crushed by cruel reality.

As my loyal readers know today I had a dentist appointment.  As they could further tell you, I had an almost fool proof plan to wrest control of the situation from the dentist, avoiding expensive and painful procedures.

It is possible that the dentist read my blog post, "The Dental Games," and played a variant of the classic "Smack your plan in the face opening."  

After my teeth were cleaned and I was mentally preparing my assault my dentist pulled a fast one.  To my frustrated surprise my dentist sent his henchman and assistant dentist Dr.Josephine Kevorkian to check my teeth.  She is a woman of action, an intimidating mixture of dentist, enforcer, and executioner, who uses a riding crop to examine molars and a monocle to read x-rays.

With an air of satisfaction, and a terrifying sense of dominance she said "you need a filling and maybe a better attitude, Mr. Funny Guy."  Oddly, I have found over the years when people call me funny guy they don't mean it as a compliment. 

So, I said ok, scheduled my appointment, thanked them all, and went on my way.  There is always next time.