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Friday, June 21, 2013

Good news, life explained on Flickr

Recently, I received an email from Flickr saying they were giving users a terabyte of storage.  Wow, what a thrill.  I couldn't wait to start snapping photos, uploading little moments of life, frozen in time, immortalized.  A small gift to the future.  When my sons get older they are going to be thrilled, I reasoned.  It was such a significant, important, momentous occurrence I shared it, with everyone.

My wife said, "oh, that's nice."  My kids said, "yeah, whatever dad."  My coworkers just asked if I had seen their coffee cup, water bottle, or note pad.  The guy who was fortunate enough to be using the other side of the gas pump at Speedway when I fueled my car was very animated and passionate, gesturing wildly with his hands and pumping his fist in the air while saying "that is great, fantastic," over and over again.  But, when I tried to go into the finer points of my "plan o' posterity" he turned, (that is when I noticed the blue tooth ear piece) got in his car and drove away.  It was kind of an honor that he had shared my remarkable good fortune and fantastic idea with his phone companion.

It is not enough to have a great idea (Lord knows I have thousands of them popping into my head at all times) implementation is critical.  It is foolish to begin a job without the proper tools, so for my birthday I asked for and received this wonderful zoom lens for my iPhone.  What better way to capture some of those moments that are a little distant?  Other than walking over and taking the picture, of course.  No need for locomotion when you have this bad boy, a 8x Black Telephoto Manual Focus Telescopic Camera Lens with Tripod.  A memory can be cherished from the comfort of your lawn chair, you don't even need to put down your beer.

Nothing is more annoying than looking at all of those pictures with names like "img 422513."  No description, no names, nothing, just a picture.  t..  With a blue tooth sliding keyboard this is a breeze.  It makes adding long, informative descriptive paragraphs fun.  Yes, a picture is worth a 1,000 words, but, a little back story doesn't hurt.  Now my pictures are worth at least 1,075 words and sometime they top 1,100 words.

Well, I have to run.  I have photos to take and share with a world starved for good news.  Look for me on you will know it is me when you see the detailed explanation of each photo.