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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Life on the edge.

Honestly, there is a lot of trouble in the world today. But, there are also some very promising developments, and wonderful opportunities for happiness, and joy.

Example 1. A small plane crashed into an apartment building in Virginia, and no one was seriously injured. Which seems almost a miracle. As the pilot "deplaned" he was quoted as saying "I think we hit your apartment," yes he could have apologized, that would have been nice, but at least he did not try to cover it up. A less honest person might have tried, "hey, you can't keep a plane in your apartment." Or, "look, I love that commercial," while pointing at the TV as he ran out the front door. We can be grateful for honest people flying planes, not about flying into apartments, of course.

Example 2. Templeton Rye, man I love that stuff. It is so smooth and tasty. I will be traveling to the midwest soon and plan to buy a couple of bottles, if there are any to be found. It is so popular, and difficult to find. So, any body who owns a liquor store along I74 or I80 in Iowa stash a few bottles and let me know where you are. I will be there in July. Thanks, you are the best.

More good things to follow, if there are any to be found.

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