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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Time for another update (or I can't think of anything new today, sorry)

We don't like to brag about the power of the blog, or the influence Life Explained has over people, but, here is a little story our friend John (remember John, told us today.  He was driving to work and stopped at McDonald's for breakfast, as is normally the case, he went through the drive through.  When he pulled up to window the person working there said, "you don't owe anything, the woman in the car ahead of you paid for yours."  And he added, "she read about you and your twitter account on the internet, and she thinks she is in love with you."  OK we made up the last bit, the part about the internet and the love.  But, the rest is true, at least according to John.  If you have any questions for John, please feel free to email him at, and we will make sure he gets them.

Brian, of the recent gardening post, it was only yesterday so I am not going to post the link here, wanted a small point clarified.  The planter so accurately labeled "herbs, we think," was actually rainbow carrots, which apparently is a mix of different colored carrots, we think.  We apologize to Brian and his carrots, we think.

Recently we recorded a series of programs on television.  It was a series that could have been custom made for Life Explained entitled "Man Eating..." followed by alligator, squid, and one other aquatic animal that escapes us for the moment.  We intend to watch them as soon as we can wrest control of the remote from the fiends inhabiting our house.  But, that led to the great Life Explained debate, how do you tell the difference between an alligator and a crocodile?

After extensive research, and a thorough examination (from a safe distance, of course) we have decided there is no difference.  Please look closely at the scientific evidence below.

What did we tell you?