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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Our government,cooperating, isn't it cute?

Recently the Department of Homeland Security, along with the Department of State, and several intelligence agencies have voiced concern over an increased potential for "terrorist activity."  Increased "chatter" and "heightened activity levels" among several suspect groups, indicate the likelihood of a planned attack.  This has led to a surprising amount of cooperation inside the confines of the nations security organizations.

Chiefly, the NSA and the TSA have developed a strategy for sharing key information.  "Two agencies, hell bent on stopping terror before it starts, it just makes sense."  One staffer who spoke on the condition of anonymity said.

"It is so nice to be able to put a gauzy, almost discernible body with the voice."  Said Special Agent Taft Boykin of the NSA.  "We spend so much time listening to these conversations, and you try to imagine the general body shape, and condition, sometimes you are close, but sometimes it surprises you."

Benefits were almost immediate, too.  In a startling turn of events, Mike Slotking, of Pender Springs, IL, was talking on the phone to his barber about the possibility of sponsoring a basketball team for the upcoming season when a third voice came on the line.

"Mike, this is Private Contractor Geoff Smithson of the NSA, and I was looking over the scan from your last flight, and that mole on the underside of your left arm, right above the elbow is a little troubling.  You might want to have that looked at.  Also, if I were you, I would try to get that new kid from "Adell's Bakery, you know, the kid at the counter, the one who is always emailing his Dad about donut prices, well I guess you wouldn't know that.  But, get that kid to play point guard, he can shoot, pass, dribble with either hand, and is looking for a team.  Plus, John Calipari is calling several boosters to offer him fat money."

It turns out the mole was just a mole, but the kid could really play.  Mike's team won the championship after an undefeated season, his barber has a shiny new trophy for the mantle and the kid is making fat money as an amateur athlete.

As a nation we should demand more cooperation between government agencies.  There are so many potential benefits.