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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Aliens, Predators, Elected Officials, and Rock and Roll.

Recently I was watching Predator with my son.  I think it was the first time he had seen this modern classic.  My sister loaned him Alien vs. Predator when he was young and it had a profound affect on him.  He wanted to be a Predator when he grew up.

He asked me, after watching the aliens battle the predator, which I thought was better.  I told him the aliens were obviously better, they only killed as a method of advancing the species.  True, they were monstrous, destructive, salivating nightmares, but it was a biological imperative that drove them to their behavior.  While the predator killed because he could, just for fun.

Being a child he was not impressed by Darwinian reasoning.  He was impressed by the extravagant, sophisticated weaponry that the predator carried.  When I explained to him that despite bristling with an advanced, technical armory the predator could defeat neither Arnold Schwarzenegger, (Should I call him Governor Schwarzenegger) nor Danny Glover (though, in all fairness he did manage to kill Gary Busey, pre-accident version, but so did Mel Gibson), he was unmoved.

But, that is not what I am here to talk about today.  I am here to discuss the real star of the first Predator movie.  Little Richard.  When the helicopter was flying low, through the jungle, and Jesse Ventura, (should I call him Governor Ventura?) was rocking out with "Long Tall Sally" you knew the movie deserved some sort of award.  Maybe, best Jungle Helicopter Flight Soundtrack.

So, I toast the Alien, the Predator, the Governors, but mostly you, Little Richard, you are a rock and roller in the finest sense of the word.  By the way, you can get the "Very Best of Little Richard" on for only $5.99.

Here you go, dig it, daddy.

Even the Predator loves Little Richard.