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Friday, January 10, 2014

Special Delivery and Acquisition.

According to a press release from the Office of Contract Distribution, and Outsourcing, in the capitol building in Washington DC, the government has partnered with Amazon to further the use of UAVs in pursuit of national security.

"Amazon is truly a visionary company, with unlimited potential, and we (the US Government) have a wealth of experience in the use of drones, it is only natural that we should join forces.  It's a win win"  Said a highly placed, reluctant to be named, source in Homeland Security.

"Truly, this is the best of both worlds for the Government, and Amazon," said a marketing director from the distribution giant.  "For the price of an Amazon Prime membership our government gets almost unlimited access to our army of drones, and the footage recorded as they travel from house to house delivering packages.  Over backyard barbecues, and down busy streets, recording the lives, conversations, and machinations of people.  Plus, they get free 2nd day air shipping, unlimited streaming movies, and the ability to borrow Kindle Books, and there are a ton of those, all for the ridiculously low price of a Prime member level."

When asked if this could be viewed as an invasion of privacy a spokesperson said, "a Prime Membership does have certain privileges."  Several reporters raised their hands, but, the room went silent as a tomb when a drone whirred in menacingly, stage left,  turned to face the audience and hovered, sinister, silent, and ominous.  No one had any more questions.

Also, it should be noted, Amazon is moving into a more aggressive International posture in the near future.  This is where both parties really see the benefit of this unique pact.  Amazon will sell and deliver explosive ordinance to selected "consignees" all covered by the single Prime subscription fee.  Of course, they have yet to announce the Amazon Armed Forces division, which will cover the Air Strikes Delivery, as well as Rescue Mission Invasions.

A high ranking member of Congress is quoted as saying, "heck, if this goes well, we can look into other areas of cooperation between the Federal Government and Amazon, maybe some deep space exploitation, I mean exploration.  Hey, strike out that part, would ya, pal?"

There are many concerns about this new technology, and many questions left to be answered.  Americans are concerned that individual rights are being buried under mountains of electronic abilities and over zealous bureaucrats keen on exploiting new technology.  But, deep inside, I knew my wife was using way too much salt on the steaks.