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Monday, January 13, 2014

Today, and a little yesterday, and maybe some tomorrow.

With the new year already almost two weeks old, it is time to review, many things have happened, and many things haven't.  It is vital to understand the difference.  Those who do not learn from the past are doomed to repeat it, and if the past hasn't happened yet then it is probably the future, but if it is happening right now, it might be the present, but soon will become the past, and every thing you learned studying current events in high school should have probably been covered in history class.  But, if they had cool people in the curriculum department they would teach "future events" now that is class we could really get on board with.  Imagine the potential, a teacher telling you what was going to...  Anyway, you probably get the idea.

Readings in Fahrenheit, to convert
to Celsius move to Europe.
The big event was the polar vortex.  Obviously, this is a direct result of the war on Christmas, we did warn you that Santa was fighting back.  It was a bad idea, and now it has spilled over into January, sort of a guerrilla action by the North Pole, kind of a parting shot, letting everyone know who is really the Big Kahuna.  Santa knows who has been naughty, and who has been nice.  So, if you lived in an area that saw frigid, bitter cold, winds chills, ice storms, snow storms, or bizarre meteorological occurrences of any kind, that probably spells big trouble for you next December 25th.  Santa has a keen memory, and he brooks no insubordination.  

Big, Important Award,
of some type, for somebody.
Of course there was some good news, there was the Grammys, or the Oscars, or the People's Choice Award, or the SAG awards or the Tonies, or the Golden Globes, or something like that, but it was hosted by hilarious people and featured talented musicians and singers performing their monster hits, and the audience was filled with beautiful women, and handsome men dressed so fashionably it would make a grown man weep, and possibly install a strip of red carpet, and a few high intensity lights in his garage, so every time he came home he could feel good about himself..., not that we would know anything about that.  And it was just the first of many, so settle into your recliner, grab some popcorn, and a drink and get ready to watch some people who make a kings ransom, get some awards, and make some speeches.  What a way to spend an evening, huh?

The NFL playoffs are here, and every weekend two groups of people will watch the same contest, and walk away with completely different opinions of the officiating.  There is, of course, the opportunity for unlimited advertising potential completely overlooked.  Race car drivers are walking advertisements, hotels, motor oils, shoes, snack crackers, anybody with a few bucks to kick in can put a tiny patch on a fire proof jump suit, and almost be seen by race fans the world over.  Imagine "today's officiating crew bought to you by Bob's house o' Vision, where no line bifocals are always only $129.99 and the Eye Exam is always free."  Half the fans would think, "that Bob, he sure knows his no line bifocals."

What will happen with the rest of the year, who knows, but there will be some good stuff, some bad stuff, and a lot stuff that defies explanation.  But, we here at Life Explained will always do our best to explain it, an exercise in futility, maybe, but futile exercising is better than no exercising, right?