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Saturday, February 8, 2014

Greco Roman Shopping.

This is my one of my favorite times of year.  The changing of the season, not neccesarily outside, where the Polar Vortex has an iron grip on this part of the country.  No, it is when they start stocking cargo shorts, swim suits and flip flops on the store shelves.  

But, the best part of this is how the extra jeans, insulated under garments, jackets, and boots go on sale, sometimes deeply discounted.   Sure, the selection can be limited, and by fashion standards the styles can be a little dated, but so am I.  And, we (my wife and I) think saving money is always fashionable.  

Of course, next winter, when the snow flies and the temperature drops there is always the possibility that I will have and accident, say I slip on the ice walking across the parking lot at the senior center, on my way to the bingo championship quarter finals, and in the ambulance when they cut the leg off my pants to examine my damaged knee, there will be some snickering among the EMTs about insulated under pants I am wearing that are "so last year."  I could live with that.  The real key is to carry the reciept with you always, so in these situations you can say, "but look how much I saved.  And, could I have a shot of bourbon with that pain killer, just to top it off, a little, you know?"

Plus, there is always the thrill of the hunt while shopping the clearance racks.  When you wrestle that stocking hat (75% off) from that jack booted woman with the expensive purse, talking on her smart phone, you will know you are truly alive, unless she kills you, which is always a possibility.   But, these are the chances you take.