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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Change is difficult.

Yesterday we talked briefly about our new accounting software, and the almost limitless potential it might provide, it is truly a flexible, accommodating bit of programming genius with options that can be custom built for each unique requirement.  It was expensive, but it has received very high praise from most of the associates who have gone through the training session.

Of course, as we discussed yesterday, there are some people who are not delighted with the change, and are attempting to (Please, may we have one or two cones, to go?) stop the implementation by occupying the break room on the 6th floor, the room with the soft serve ice cream machine.

We detailed our plans to send in several squads from the custodial department  In a brilliantly devised, and exceptionally executed pincer movement we mobilized several units from research and development and began a full scale assault on two sides of the the break room.  Using organic small arms fire, and some light artillery provided by the secretarial staff we began to get the upper hand.

In a surprisingly coordinated (particularly when you consider it was the accounting department) counter attack the Accounts Receivable Brigade concentrated their assault on the smaller R And D contingent to the south, and under a withering hail of automatic weapon fire began to push the force back through the ornate interior French Doors, and into the  barren, open hallway where the lack of adequate cover would have left them exposed and vulnerable.

After several air strikes it seemed the weary Accounts Receivable people were going to be overrun and there would be ice cream for everyone.

While consolidating our hold on the entry way, and thinking the battle was almost won, we were hit by a large column from the Human Resource Liberation Army.  Slamming into our exposed southern flank, they rolled up the assault team like a row of dominoes and managed to capture the small conference room.

We are going to settle in for a long campaign, right now we are calling in reinforcements from the legal department, and our hopes for speedy resolution are dashed.