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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Everything has a price.

Without a Monday the week has been thrown into chaos.  Days are crashing into each other, smashing up against nights, and things are looking bleak.  There is no order, no sense, and there is a lawless, violent attitude.  Wednesday, normally kind, polite, and considerate, actually pulled a knife on Tuesday night, and started forty five minutes earlier than was scheduled.  Some clocks were so confused they stopped working, and formed a small militia with the intent of straightening out the whole mess.

These clocks stole a mass transit bus, drove it through the Week Day Police Barricade and smashed into the Office of Temporal Management (OTM, in government shorthand).  Sadly, nobody was there, they had decided one day was not enough to celebrate the labor that had been performed over the course of the summer, the year, or all of history, they were not sure what period of labor was being honored on Labor Day.  But, they were pretty certain it would take at least seven days to pay a proper tribute.

Since clocks have such linear thinking they were unsure how to proceed and milled about the offices, making coffee, answering phones, filling in forms, and filing them away.  On Thursday the Superintendent of the Building of Reality Allocation where the OTM is located received a phone call complimenting the workers in that particular office.  It was the first time anyone had ever said anything nice about anybody anywhere in the building.  The caller actually said "my appointment went like clockwork, it started right on time, and a few ticks later I was on my way."

Now  it was the Superintendent who was unsure how to proceed.  After careful consideration, he issued an executive order firing everyone in the OTM.  It was the only reasonable course of action, he knew that the other offices were still filled with people just putting in their time, and one office filled with efficiency and swiss watch precision was going to make the rest of the place look even worse.

On Monday they accidentally hired the entire vacationing staff to fill the office, clocks are back to keeping time, and waking people at godless, terrible hours, and things are back to normal, at least until Memorial Day.