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Saturday, October 4, 2014

Thank you, to all of the Dylan fans here.

Somebody, possibly several somebodies, has been posting quite a few Bob Dylan videos on Google+.  This has made me very happy, thank you all.  Dylan has been an icon in my life for so many years, memory fades trying to remember a time when he wasn't a regular on my music player, I had Bob Dylan 8 tracks cassettes.  It was a long time ago.

To this day, Dylan remains an unrepentant individualist.  His recent work may be as strong as his earliest albums.  He writes songs that can be universal in meaning, and so narrowly focused at the same time.  He hammers home a point and lets the listener figure out what it means to them.

Since he began his meteoric rise to music royalty he has been unapologetic, and cared little for the criticism.  He ignored the people who felt his voice was less than ideal, the same for the people who felt he sold out whatever style they preferred.  He made music his way, and when he sang it always seemed to me that the voice and lyrics were a perfect match.

His voice has aged, and changed, but I still find it perfectly in sync with the lyrics.  Lyrics that are still strong and vibrant, filled with life, and meaning.  He is evolving, experimenting, even at 73 he is new and fresh.  I hope he is working on another album.

His music takes a lot of room on my phone, and Siri and I listen to a lot of Dylan.  "Siri, play 'Changing of the Guards'."

So to all of you who have been posting his videos, thank you, because the times may be changing but Dylan is still fantastic.  Let me return the favor."Changing of the Guards" album version