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Friday, October 3, 2014

Making Work More Manageable One Day at a Time.

As the weekend nears, and life begins to take a happier turn, and a little skip finds its way into your step, and a happy, little whistle begins to follow you down the rigorous paths of your workday don't forget to take a moment and think of all of the things that need to be done next Monday.

Remember, it is your job, and the work involved, that really make the weekend seem so special.  So think for a few minutes about all of the toil, and labor waiting for you when you get to work.  Remember the phone calls, or data entry, or order filling, or patient care, think of all the filing, pulling, pushing and shoving, and customer service rat race that is just on the other side of the two day heaven that is so close you can smell the freedom.

Take a few moments, and think about the best way to allocate your time.  Set goals, and plan steps to meet them, remember that tasks are much easier to manage if broken down into small, easily achieved steps.  Making a list is a great idea.  Lists are great, like this;

Together we can do anything
Want a cup of Coffee?
Large Difficult Goal!

  1. Small, manageable step.
  2. Next step, hey this is great.
  3. Another step.
  4. Doing so well, taking a coffee break.
  5. Stop and talk to Bob about the football game.
  6. Donuts in the kitchen, great!
  7. Well, what the heck, almost lunch time
  8. Great article on the internet about spiders, check it out
  9. Oh crap, forgot to order new earbuds, might as well compare a few styles.
  10. You know, Bob is an idiot, go talk to Ted about football game.
  11. Thirst overpowering go to vending machine, buy Coke.  
  12. Go tell Bob, Ted thinks he is an idiot.
  13. Almost time to go home, no point starting anything now.
  14. If you're not going to start anything, might as well split.
  15. See you tomorrow, 
See, now that you have a plan the weekend will be much more enjoyable.  You're welcome.