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Sunday, October 19, 2014

We all owe you, thanks for the tip

Sunday, a day of rest, a day to research, a day to get one step ahead of the game.  With that in mind, we smoked a brisket, and man was it hard to get it into the pipe.  Sorry, just a little backyard barbecue humor there.  It was very good, and we had time to sit, have a cold beer and study the graphic below.

This was forwarded to us, here at Life Explained, by long time friend, and huge fan of us, here at Life Explained, Gale.   A person who understands the dangers facing the world today, and has managed to uncover this foolproof chart to identify and deal with the various hazards of the modern world.

As becomes obvious, from an ever cursory glance, the world is a terrifying place, filled with eight legged tragedy, hiding under every chair, waiting behind every large appliance, scurrying, climbing, scaring the bejesus out of people, everywhere.

Recently, we, here at Life Explained, commissioned a sturdy that proved conclusively, spiders are the leading cause of death, since the dawn of time.  Oh sure, scientists try to tell you that we are it was a meteor, or a comet, or a giant Mother Ship, crashing into earth, or a volcano erupting, and kicking up a big cloud of dust, blocking out the sun, or something.  Yeah, right, what kind of fools do they take us for.   A big cloud of dust, killing a bunch of huge, indestructible lizards.  It is a shame they didn't have a friend(or the electronic means) to send them this handy chart, or we might be riding a Tyrannosaurus to work, and that would be cool.