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Saturday, May 23, 2015

Breaking News, and a video instead of pictures.

We here at Life Explained are taking a break from bringing you our lives represented in pictures, sort of (don't worry, we will be back to that drivel as soon as we figure out how to operate "Enlight" our new iPhone photo app, which does a lot of things, which makes it a little confusing). We needed to report on a disturbing new invasive species.

Right here in Central Ohio we have uncovered a threat to the continued existence of Mankind.  Where this threat came from is unclear, how it arrived is vague, and what we are going to do to combat it is uncertain.  But. why it is here is easy to understand.

That's right, coffee loving robots from space, or the future, (or maybe France, who knows?) are coming in droves and overrunning Starbucks, Speedways, BPs, First Watch and all places that serve cups of delicious, steaming hot, tasty coffee and slamming down the vital, essential elixir of life, free refills, and all.  

Nobody knows where this will all end.  People can get a little cranky without their coffee, and if they drink all of the Diet Coke next my wife will go ballistic.  Stay tuned, we will have updates, and advice, and more "news."

Also, we will have some cool movie trailers, and more video.  At this point we should probably thank the good people of Apple, Inc. for including iMovie with the iPhone 6, that is one seriously cool app. Man, technology can be fun.