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Thursday, August 13, 2015

Back to School Precaution.

It is that time of year. Kids are going back to school, buses are cruising along, big, yellow, slow moving blobs, stopping constantly. Picking up children, stopping at railroad tracks, refusing to run yellow lights. What madness is this?

It never fails, you get behind a bus, and think it will turn at the next intersection, then you can open 'er up and make some time. But, when the bus turns dutifully at the next street, there is another bus in front of it. It never ends.

Stuck, plodding along, stopping, starting, inching, and cursing. And when you look up there are several small faces peering out the window. Worse, there are several fingers pointing. Next, the laughing, and you start thinking, man this is junior high all over again. And you start to worry that maybe your clothes are not very cool, or your hair is too long, or too short,or too messy.

"I am a captain of industry, at least a second lieutenant," you think, "I could buy and sell these kids. In fact, being a tax payer, I bought that bus. Those little ingrates." So you start pointing back, and laughing at them.

And since they are a bus full of immature little snots, they make a sign, that says something awful. You don't have to put up with that. You are a man of importance, and power.Scrambling frantically for something to fight back with and the only thing you can find is the registration for your car. That's fine, when was the last time you needed that, never.

So you grab a permanent marker, and start writing your rebuttal, you will show them, childish little brats! They don't know what a good insult is, but they will soon.

Unfortunately, the bus stopped to pick up more of the little punks, but you didn't notice, because you were just finishing the great bit about that kids goofy looking spider-man shirt.

Now, you are going to need that registration (and your license, and proof of insurance) and start to think maybe you should have used a pencil.

School is starting, be careful, and watch out for the little angels, and the back of the bus, and the law.