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Saturday, August 1, 2015

Life, aging, and senses.

We, here at Life Explained, have made an amazing discovery. We have found the Fountain of Youth, well, it was not exactly the Fountain of Youth, it was a fountain, it was a fountain, and there was some young people milling around, so we got a little confused, and hopeful. It happens when you get older, you know. Man, did security show up fast when we jumped in and started dancing around. Particularly when Bob, from Legal started grabbing the loose change that someone had accidentally dropped in the bottom.  We haven't given up, but it might be more plausible to build it instead.

It is an engineering nightmare. How does a person get the water from the bottom of the well to cascade decoratively down from fantastic heights. No, not really, the hard part will be figuring out the "Youth" formula.

 It will take a dedicated team of brilliant scientists working around the clock. Not stopping for meals, or sleep. Tireless, and unrelenting, these geniuses will need to combat exhaustion, hunger, and unbelievable obstacles. Hey, somebody should run and get some coffees. But, we are pretty confident we can develop the serum.

Of course, we need to make sure it just stops aging. It would be foolish to start turning back the process. Imagine world leaders, corporate giants and elected officials acting like a bunch of spoiled children. Behaving petulantly, lashing out in angry tantrums, unconcerned with the good of the common man...

Maybe we will start working on that interstellar vehicle. The earth is in good hands.