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Monday, November 9, 2015

A New Look, and an Expression of Gratitude!

There are big things happening here, at Life Explained. Momentous things. Things that make the mountains tremble and the rotation of the earth to speed up, just a bit, but we are trying to get a handle on that.  The premature aging is probably only temporary, so just get off the phone with your lawyer. You have better things worry about. Look at your car, all that mountain shaking knocked a tree over in your front yard, and the insurance company is going to be steamed.

Anyway, we have "hired" one of the leading people in the universe to redesign our blog sites. And we must say she has done a remarkable job. They look absolutely stunning.

Here, go check them out, we will wait right here.

Life Explained, on Aging.

Life Explained Explores History

Life Explained Explains Music

Life Explained Explains Travel and Commuting

Life Explained The End,

And, of course the Original Life Explained, (you are here).

They look so good we wish her husband would pay her. Or at least stop walking over the "do not cross" line. Maybe we could just send her a leash.
Hey, wait a minute.