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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

It is time for a real leader who has made real sacrifices, and has a real video.

Today is what we, here at Life Explained, like to call Wednesday. We don't really have time for all the Hump Day nonsense that happens at places like General Dynamics, or Boeing, or Northrop Grumman. We wish we had that kind of time.

And we would if we were just assembling little toys, and trinkets. Man, wouldn't that be nice if we could just punch the clock, slap together a fighter jet, or tank, and head home to have a nice meatloaf, or pot roast with the family. Man, what we wouldn't give for a big plate of Kielbasa and cabbage at the kitchen table with the wife and kids. What were there names again? Nobody remembers, that is how busy we are.

Do you honestly, for a minute, for even a second, think the guys at Lockheed Martin, or Raytheon are too busy to remember the names of their loved ones? Of course you don't. They are probably still sitting at home in a stained sweatsuit, drinking fresh, hot coffee, and scraping up the last bits of biscuits and gravy with their finger. Just waiting for the sun to climb above the horizon so they don't have to drive to work in the dark. Makes us sick.

But, we are not complaining, we do it to keep the nation, the world, even the solar system, and possibly the entire Milky Way galaxy safe from the threats that you don't even want to know about. So, we won't tell you, because we care about you.

Don't you think you should vote for a candidate who is willing to make these kinds of sacrifices, met these demands, toiled in these oppressive conditions? Don't you think a candidate who can handle this type of adversity would laugh at the so called "crises" that plague the world today?

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