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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Life Explained on STEROIDS!

Hello everyone out there in the Life Explained sphere of influence. It is I, Jeremy Crow, the benevolent dictator of the Life Explained Northeast Office [LENO] on a bit of a power trip. You see we up here in the great Northeast decided to take time away from out special projects involving NFL Game Entertainment, Trust and Uniformity [GET-U] and work on a side project that has been in the works for almost three hours now. By employing the abilities of a super secret evil genius [CARRIECROW] which we have in our arsenal of super secret evil genius' and stuff, we were able to once again take control of the Life Explained Home Office [LEHO] and transform the controlled chaos that is Life Explained into something a bit less ... um ... gaudy.

Now keep in mind that we did do this with the full consent and assistance of Dr Dawg [The brains of that operation] and as soon as the fearless leader over there in the Ohio office wakes up from whatever it is that Dr Dawg put in his microwave burrito, he probably won't even notice a thing. At least that is what Dr Dawg told us anyway, Now we need to get back to working with our allies over in Germany [VOLKSWAGEN] on more pressing software issues over at Kirk Cousin's house that should adjust his alarm clock for him. Don't think of it as making him late for the Patriots game, just think of it as our way of trying to get RG III a little more playing time ....