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Friday, November 20, 2015

New glasses, I see how that would help

Tomorrow is going to be a big day. I am going to pick out new glasses. Getting new glasses is almost like stepping into a new reality. It changes everything.

It is important to pick the right glasses, though. It has to be something flattering, comfortable, and completely unlike the last pair. It changes the way the world sees a person. You can almost become a whole new person. A fresh start. Who doesn't love that.

And since I am pretty hard on my glasses it changes the way I look at the world. Wow, look how crisp and clean everything looks, not blurry with lines, and imperfections. Who knew lines were so sharp, what a brave new world.

A dramatization, not representative of real sight.
It is vital that glasses compliment your appearance. There are few things worse than walking around for a whole year looking like a big dork. Trust me, the meek may inherit the Earth, but they have no use for a goofball with glasses that do not enhance his appearance.

Most times I have some idea. This year is a mystery, wire frames, plastic, who knows, the suspense is killing me.

Since I wear lineless bifocals that limits my choices a little, but I like bigger glasses anyway. It is easier to see things without moving my head around like an owl.

Plus, shopping is always an adventure. And this close to the Holidays it can be life threatening. There are so many things we need to do once we leave the house, we go crazy. Let's stop and pick up a new blender, and maybe some jeans, and a shirt, and we should grab something to fix for dinner.  We are like parolees gone mad with the intoxication of freedom.

So, after a good breakfast, strong coffee, and a silent prayer for strength and safety it is off to find the perfect pair of specs. I will have a full report with pictures, and maybe even a shot of the elusive perfect pair of glasses.