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Thursday, November 19, 2015

Protect Our Homeless

Much to my surprise and delight Tim Clark from LifeExplained invited me to guest blog. I have that, I feel famous glow. I thank you very much  for I went on Facebook and came across a video that left me seething with indignation for the homeless. You have  to watch it. Just click on homeless.

I love kind goodhearted people. Throw in humor, make me smile or laugh and you can be my friend forever. These boys touched my heart when they did what they did for that poor man.

Fortunately for me I have a way of connecting with people in all walks of life. In this case the homeless. I remember working at Burger King in my early 20's and a homeless man would come in every morning like clockwork.

The other co-workers would make fun of him for every day at the same time he would shuffle in, order in a gruff voice, a danish & a coffee and go sit down in the dining room. He would leave, heaven forbid, crumbs all over the tray and leave a quarter.

In this time, I got to know his name, John, I would make sure he was taken care of and tell the girls to lay off of him.

This is a classic case of Karma between myself and John. I became homeless a few months later. I was living on the streets and rapidly losing weight constantly hiking my pants up, my clothes hanging off of me. I was also in California at that time so no cold winters thank goodness.

One sunny day John grunted and gestured for me to follow him and his always overflowing shopping cart. We entered this abandoned warehouse type dwelling and to my amazement was this huge pile of shoes, clothes, everything you could think of.

When I left I was fully clothed in new clothing that fit and I gave him a big hug, he smelled dusty but I didn't care.

Treat the homeless like you would a dear friend or family member. They are people as well that have obviously fallen on hard times which is very hard to climb out of.

If you have a homeless story to share I love stories so do tell.