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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

A Mission Without Hope

2015 is slamming closed with such force it has altered the course of the jet stream. This has caused all of the nice warm air that had been blanketing the midwest, at least the portion containing Ohio to change direction. A sudden shift of this magnitude will change the atmospheric condition known as temperature.

It is colder, at least here in Ohio. We, here at Life Explained Ohio Office (LEOOPS) are planning an expedition west to survey the extent of the damage. 

A trip like this is likely to be very trying, treacherous, and demanding. So, we made a list.

This is likely to be very dangerous, and we may not make it back, so if we never see you again remember we loved you all.

And now a word from our sponsors, Warm Glow Candles in Centerville Indiana, stop in, buy a candle, have lunch, and mention this blog and don't believe them if they act like they have never heard of it.

So, we are off tomorrow morning. Don't feel bad about us.