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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

A gentle change of the season.

Christmas has come and gone. Our Christmases are pretty tame, our kids are older, and we don't do much. As a family we don't stand too awfully convicted to tradition, we had lasagna for Christmas dinner.

But, we watched some basketball on television, a little football, but mostly hoops, baby, hoops. Which is important, it is a season of transition.

Screaming at basketball refs requires a shift in vocabulary. Sure, there are phrases that will work for either sport. "Hey, stripes you're missing a good game." "This is taking the Americans With Disabilities Act too far." But, far and large it requires a retooling of insults.

Christmas signals the changing of the seasons. A melding of two televised sports. An ideal time to
refine and hone the needed instructions for a different set of novice, oddly dressed, children.

So, stop fuming about the thugs committing pass interference on your poor, hardworking, abused receiver, and start being indignant about the muggers climbing right up the back of your honest, put upon rebounder.  And the corrupt, dastardly officials turning a well paid, blind eye to the crazed, cheating convicts that inhabit the bench of the other team.

Don't put away your indignation, just shift the focus of your rage. Remember the world of televised sports fans everywhere need your help.