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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Part II of the polar expedition (Yes, another Multi part post)

We made it back from our tour of the Midwest. An area ravaged by cold, icy conditions. The devastation was horrifying.

In some places the temperature dropped below 20 degrees Fahrenheit! And, hardly ever climbed above 32. I don't think it takes a dog with a PhD. to tell you that it freezing cold. But, if it does here you go.

Hit particularly hard was Avoca IA, where the Taco Johns (in the Wings American Travel Center and Truck Stop, between American Pie and the jacket store (see photo at right)) actually ran out of the spicy, hot green sauce. Yes, completely out. Oh, the inhumanity. We actually had to have our combination burrito with the red hot sauce, which is good, but not as good, and not nearly as hot as the green.

But, we soldiered on, with our less than ideal burrito, and our Potato Oles (a tex mex tater tot sort of thing, sinfully delicious). Eventually ending up in Omaha, where the temperatures were hovering in the mid teens. It was so cold they closed the Scheels sporting goods store at 6;00 PM. Of course, that worked out ok, because it was New Years Eve.

We are back, in Ohio, and the cold weather has followed us. Things are not looking bright, temperatures are dipping dangerously close to the low 20s. Life is slowly being destroyed by the inexorable cold. We will keep reporting as long as possible. There is no way of knowing how long we can hold out.

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