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Wednesday, December 9, 2015

On The Lookout

The town got together with Madam Mayor, Ms. Candy Stick and has given me the honor of being the look-out for this years party crashers.  We had an unseasonable amount of rebel rousers last year so look out Christmas merriment parties, we are coming for you.

I am to be provided all the eggnog I can drink, I'll bring a bottle of rum for I also belong to the "Spiked Eggnog Inc." and the things I could tell you from previously crashed parties would curl your hair, but I had to sign a confidential form so if you see me smiling secretly that's why.

I am dressed in my super party crasher fur lined outfit complete with a super spy pair of binoculars. In my ear is a super party crasher ear piece tuned into the sounds of party merriment or the sound of a copy machine going off. We know who you are.

I hear a party. Elf Toes to Rudolph's Nose come in, come in. Sounds of merriment AND a copy machine coming from the corner of Deck The Hall Street. Will meet you all there.