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Friday, December 11, 2015

Wow, Tim, you've changed.

Recently I started exercising, real going to the gym, picking up heavy stuff, sweating, grunting (well, I don't really grunt, normally I am too winded), pushing myself to the limit exercising. Last night, there was a new machine, and I asked one of the trainers "hey, is that a new machine?" Genius, right?

He said it was, indeed, a new machine. "Have you used it?"

"No," I said, "I will wait."

"Go ahead, try it. It has all these different grips and adjustments for the cables. Give it a shot."

"Far out, thanks." I said. It was so exciting to use a new machine, thrilling. And it hit me, oh my God, I am a gym geek.

But, I am nothing if not enthusiastic. I threw myself into my workouts. Enthusiasm is good, but keeping track of what you are doing is good, too. Looking blankly at a machine or weights and trying to remember how much you lifted last time takes a lot away from a work out.

So, I got a fitness app. And it is great. It tracks my workouts, and the weights and reps, and now I know. But, I am still kind of new at this whole fitness gig. And there are a lot of exercise machines and exercises that I do that are not on the app. Or maybe they are, and I am just using the wrong words.

No problem, it has a robust, easy to use Custom Exercise section. Unfortunately, standing in front of a machine typing instructions on the virtual iPhone keyboard is not really much of a workout.

So, I had this great idea. I find exercises I like online, and take the picture and move it to Dropbox, and then download it onto my camera roll, and put it into the fitness app. Simultaneously, almost, I copy the description using Microsoft One Note clip tool, which syncs automatically to my phone, and the paste that into the correct field on the Custom Exercise portion of the app. It works great, sitting at my computer, getting ready for my next workout..

Then it hit me, I have become such a nerd. How the mighty have fallen.