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Sunday, January 24, 2016

Life Explained Newsletter Edition.

Friday we had a company party, it was great. It was not a traditional party, it was an interactive, learning thing. It really was a blast. So, I devoted a whole edition of my company newsletter to the event.

I publish the newsletter independently with no supervision, freedom of the press and all that. Besides, nobody else has the time or inclination, so I asked for and was given the job of newsletter publisher.

Since it doesn't pay, and nobody really cares, or probably reads the rag I can publish whenever the urge strikes.

Recently, I upgraded to Microsoft Publisher. I used to use Word, which worked but not very well. It was a lot of "oops, dangit, how did that happen." sort of publishing.

I have decided, though, that I like having a newsletter, now that I have Publisher. And Life Explained is going to enter the newspaper world.

Here is the first edition. Ok, this is actually just the company letter with most references and pictures removed to avoid irritating my coworkers or employers, any more than I already have, anyway.

Life Explained, the Newsletter