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Monday, January 25, 2016

The Time is Now

One week until the Iowa Caucuses. and the country is still waiting, in silent anticipation to find out why Iowa has to go with something like a caucus instead of the more traditional primary. And, what exactly is a "caucus," anyway.

It seems to be kind of a meeting, where everybody sits around and talks about how great the candidates are until either;

A, Everybody gets sick of talking about politics except one person and everybody says "Ok we love your candidate the most." or

B, People find common ground, and work together to choose the candidate that is most reasonable, qualified, and competent, and will work to unite the country, and stem the tide of petty partisan bickering, and venom crippling the federal government. These upstanding citizens of the great state of Iowa will ignore their personal preferences, and any biases or prejudices and choose the best candidate for the country, and the world.

So, I guess we can go with option A, then. And then you kind of wander who ever thought a caucus was a good idea. Probably some loud mouthed, windy gas bag, who was worried he had backed the wrong horse. "Hey, we should talk about this, and then talk about it some more, until everybody agrees with me."

Is that anyway to choose a president? Of course not, what we should do is watch a lot of commercials telling us how bad they are, and then pick the one that seems to be the least likely to really screw things up.

Oh, wait that is how it is already done.

Well, this was a waste of time. Sorry.

Everybody move along, nothing to see here.