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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

The Trouble With Reality.

As the world spins, careening, bouncing, tumbling, and bumping along, it becomes increasingly difficult to see the difference between illusion and reality. When you read that Jamie Foxx, a wealthy, successful actor pulled a person from a burning vehicle you wonder if that was the news, or a preview of a new movie. Did that really happen?

When you read that Sarah Palin is endorsing Donald Trump in the Republican Presidential Primary, you have to ask; is this a publicity stunt? Are they planning a new "reality television" program The Amazing American Apprentice? Or is that really on the news? Or is this a serious endorsement of a potential president.

Is the endorsement the real prize, or just a television bonus? Ms. Palin was the Governor of Alaska for over three years, (until she resigned) if you don't count the time she spent in an unsuccessful campaign to become Vice President. And the time she spent writing her best selling book, "Going Rogue." With that resume her endorsement could be the prize behind Door #3, and the contestant would have to decide to take the cash or gamble on the potential riches. 

When the anchor person reports that El Chapo, the notorious Mexican Drug Lord was apprehended after an interview with Sean Penn you can't help but wonder if this is the news, or a trailer for a Fast Times at Ridgemont High sequel. "You will get to see Jeff Spicoli bring down the entire Mexican Marijuana Cartel." "I don't know, dude, I was just looking to score a doob." Even a remake of The Falcon and the Snowman makes more sense than reality.

Life is getting a little skewed. We here, at Life Explained Central Ohio, are afraid this may be the worst case (so far) of Life Imitating Art*. It is, we fear, only going to get worse. And you will need us now, and in the future, more than ever. But, we can't do it alone, we need you, donate generously to the Life Explained Frozen Burrito and Bottled Water Fund.** Together we can discover the truth, if it exists.

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