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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

History, Myth, and Wonder, all on One Page, Thank you, Raven Corvus.

Normally I don't endorse things on this blog. I'm not sure why, it never really occurred to me. Though, there are things that are worthy of mention, things that deserve a some attention. I am going to start writing the Wednesday Witness, (maybe not every Wednesday).  A post about something that I enjoy.

This week it will be about a Facebook Page I follow. Raven Corvus. It is one of the first things I read every morning.

It is a little hard to explain this page. You need to check it out yourself. It is part Christian, part Wiccan, part history, part mythology, and completely fascinating.

Formatted mostly as a "today in history" list it would be easy to dismiss this as a small matter of trivia. But, it is far from that.

It is the tale of growth, adaptation, resilience. Reading the daily posts provides a glimpse into the ingenuity, and desperation of our ancestors. It is a lesson in interpretation. Our forebears were faced with trying, bleak times. And in the face of crushing odds they managed to explain and connect with events in ways that are fascinating.

Here is today's post;

"3rd of Feb is St Blaise's day. He is invoked to cure all illness and injuries to the throat. Make a Blaise's cross, by tieing two candles crosswise with ribbon and lighting them. The unlit ends are then touched to the sufferer's throat."

Imagine the uncertainty of illness when there were no doctors, no pharmacies, no WebMD. Only the
unkind fates, and your belief in the divine.

Everyday brings a jewel, everyday brings a part of our past and reminds us of our origins. Everyday is a wonderful trip to a frightening era, and a light on the endurance and ability of our race.

Raven Corvus is exceptional,entertaining and delightful. It has sent me to the internet search engines and the library more than I want to confess.

You should consider starting your day with the wonderful owners of Raven Corvus. You will never regret it.