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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Wow, I Did It

I have just spent one and a half hours transferring the rest of the blogs I follow onto my blogger's dashboard. My chicken and fries dinner is sitting waiting for me but I was determined to get it done once and for all. Who says its all fun and games being a blogger. What's that? I know, no one. So I am impressed with myself.

So now that I'm done and I'm looking at the blogs I'm following I'm amazed in the seven short months I started blogging how many I have accumulated. So now I can unsubscribe from getting emails having the posts come in all in one spot.

I'm thinking that will help with not feeling so overwhelmed seeing all those emails, for some reason having them on my dashboard doesn't seem so intimidating. Now I know what Jeremy Crow from The Whacko Blog meant when he said in one of his tip posts that he diligently went through all his blogs as they came in. Or something to that effect.

Wanna see my list because I'm going to show it to you anyways. I always have to show off my hard work to my fellow blogger friends and readers.

  • A New Me
  • A. K. Shaw
  • Adele Archer Writes
  • Beyond Your Blog
  • Christian Touchet
  • Good Little Indian
  • Grandma Ideas
  • Hyperbole and a Half
  • Itching for a Coffee
  • Lavender Inspiration
  • Life Explained THE END
  • Life Explains Smiles, A Powerful Magic
  • Life, Explained
  • Long Distance Grandparenting
  • Margaret and Helen
  • MrsMuffinTop 
  • R. J. Nello
  • S. Bradley Stoner, Author
  • Shelly's Cabaret
  • Tamzen Temple ®
  • The Blog of Thog
  • The Bloggess
  • The Chronicles of Chaos
  • The Creativity Whacko
  • The Entertainment Whacko
  • The Health Whacko
  • The Humor Whacko
  • The Life Whacko
  • Crabby Old Fart
  • The Spew
  • The Whacko Blog
  • Blogaholics Anonymous
  • Road to Finding Myself
  • The Magnificent Biro
  • Thrifty Nifty Mommy

Do you have an impressive list of your favorite Blogs? I love stories so do tell.