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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Life Explained, the Contest, fame and fortune, and a video.

It is time for the first (possibly the last) Life Explained Contest. That's right. It is your chance to be featured in Life Explained, the Phenomenon (LEP), and have tales of your greatness spread around the world.

So, send us an account of your favorite Life Explained moment and we will feature the best ones, here on Life Explained, the Blog.

So, if you have ever gotten angry at your husband, wife, parent, child, roommate, or police officer executing a search warrant and slammed the refrigerator door so hard that it pushed the whole thing through the wall and onto the ground we want to know about it. So does everybody else.

Or, if you have ever fired a gun into the air in a celebratory fashion, maybe ringing in the new year,or proclaiming your affection for the this great nation on Independence Day,and accidentally shot a refrigerator out of the air send it in right away. We would love to hear about it, and we would love to tell the world.

If you don't want to share your name, and you might want to discuss this with your lawyer we accept aliases, and anonymous entries. We are not above exaggeration, or embellishment, and it doesn't need to be refrigerator related, but we have had a run of bad luck, refrigerationally speaking. So it is fresh on our minds.

Send your entries to, look for your story here, and wait for the fame, fortune and accolades to shower down upon you.