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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Primaries, Primaries, and not a drop to drink.

Today is the nations first primary. Held every four years in New Hampshire, this small state is buried under empty promises, and political ads. If the politicians really wanted to help maybe they would shovel some snow.

I am not politically active, an occasional vote is the best I can do. Even that causes discomfort, and feelings of remorse, and waste. Standing in line, picking the person who seems least objectionable, least likely to make a complete mess of things. Only to be disappointed in such humble expectations, somehow that doesn't make sense.

 I love politics, it is a primitive battle between tribe members attempting to attain the envied "alpha" status. There is something noble about combatants facing the gauntlet of abuse, innuendo and insults, standing against the onslaught of hate, vying for dominance. Noble, but kind of dumb.

For one thing there is very little a president can actually do. Congress, the courts, the press, and public opinion stand ready to interfere, criticize, and confound. Even party members will want to manipulate everything to benefit their state, or district.

Every time a president turns around there will be another elected official with a hand extended. "Want to cut defense spending? Fantastic idea, I can't wait to vote for that budget. You know the best way to reduce defense spending is to buy new tanks from Tank Manufacturers, in the great state of (fill in any state here)."

Of all the abhorrent things empty promises are the worst. I would stand in line, in a freezing rain, in my gym shorts, and a t shirt, to vote for a person who would say "Things are tough, and they are not going to get a lot better. Special interests control everything in our country, and there is not much anybody can do about it. But, I will try to keep things from getting worse."

In the end flowery promises of heaven are nice to hear, and they make wonderful stories on television and in the paper. But, if somebody can save us from hell (and that may not be possible anymore) I would be happy.