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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Extraterrestrial Life, now you know.

We, here at Life Explained, are joining the Search for Extra Terrestrial Life (SETI).  This is an exciting field of scientifically advanced organizations in the single minded pursuit of life beyond the borders of comfort, convenience, and probably common sense. We think we will fit right in.  Plus, we figure there might be a nice little check in it for the organization who approaches it with the correct entrepreneurial zeal.

According to the search is close to fruition.  In the next twenty five years they predict life will be discovered "out there."

It is not really going to be difficult to find extraterrestrial life. We know exactly where they are. We actually know their billing and shipping address. And we have their fax number, email address, and have set up direct deposit with their bank account, it is so much quicker than sending a check across the void, as it were.

In fact we have just completed a very large transaction with a wonderful enterprise on Mars. Here is the most recent email confirmation. We will have the first real Martian Rover. Oh sure, NASA claims to have a Martian Rover, but it is just an old Chevy they tossed up there.

Who is up for a ride when it gets here?